Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome Nolin Bronson

So after a very tiring morning with Ian waking up very early and me being barely able to walk, I started to feel back aches every so often. The idea popped into my head but I quickly pushed it aside as I was only 36 weeks. So I tried to do laundry and I at that point was starting to feel immense pain. I continued with laundry and thank heavens Taylor was running late for school as she fed Ian and started working on breathing with me and massaging my back so I could relax. As a double thank heavens Kira came home from school and was able to stay home so Taylor could take me to the hospital. It all happened so fast but within a few hours I was dilated to 10. As I had just barely gotten my strep-beta culture 2 days prior they did not have the results. So they were administering penicillin through my IV. They would not let me push until it was all delivered so I was fully dilated for 2 hours before I started pushing. Well when I was able to push, I pushed for 10 minutes and out comes my really long but skinny baby boy. It was an amazing experience to welcome Nolin Bronson at 19 1/2 inches and 5lbs. 15oz.

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